"The intuition of straight lines and angles, in their playful interaction become functional design that define the aesthetic and practical elements of the product. Baumatic appliances, striking masterpieces in every environment, yet subtle in design, are designed by people for people."




From comfortable to extreme, it is always fashion we are dealing with. this is true in the automotive world, in the clothing industry and, of course, in the appliance zone. there is however a big difference between the free-standing scene and the built-in one. The latter needs to fit and shine in the furniture of the kitchen, and we all know how fashionable kitchen furniture has to be.

To be at ease with your surroundings, to be surprised by your kitchen every time you enter it is the reason why the design teams work so hard in setting new levels of pleasure for the eye.

The beautiful and sometimes courageous lines must accommodate the parts that work and the finished product must be reliable, user friendly and stunning. that is perhaps why the best retailers in so many parts of the world, from Europe to Australia, from the Middle East to the far away Asia, recommend Baumatic.


Enzo Balestrazzi